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One journey with autism. Two perspectives.


“Beautifully told, with striking warmth and honesty, Love Canyon: A Journey Beyond the Autism Label is the story of a remarkable mother, a remarkable child, and a remarkable family. Canyon’s clear expression of his feelings helps to blow apart the concept that young people with autism find love and empathy impossible. At the same time, Ana Lora’s openness about her own struggles and successes as a parent provides inspiration for us all. If we as a society had the courage to celebrate uniqueness in the way that this family does, perhaps we would end up a little happier, a little wiser, and a little less frustrated with the world around us.”
—Oliver Cheney, president of Meristem (a school for young adults on the autism spectrum).

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Spiritual Dream Exploration


Would you like to understand your dreams in a meaningful way?

Are you sometimes plagued by nightmares?

Are you curious about the ways dreams can act as a powerful source of healing and inner guidance?

Would you like to learn more about seeing your every day life as a waking dream?

Then please read on.

Image A Different Kind of Dream Interpretation

I’d like to introduce you to a type of dream interpretation that not only allows you to understand your dreams and their meaning ... but that also encourages you to listen more deeply to your self and your soul. This type of dream interpretation is called “spiritual dream exploration.”

Spiritual dream exploration is a powerful vehicle for understanding your dreams.

At the same time, it is a means of recognizing the beauty and strength of who you are ... and of dissolving whatever keeps you from allowing life and love to flow through every area of your experience.

ImageThe Wisdom of Spiritual Dream Exploration

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling in your everyday life that inspired you toward a positive course of action? A premonition about something that was going to happen in the future? A flash of inspiration that helped you to resolve some dilemma you were facing?

If so, then you can attest to the fact that you have some sort of mysterious wisdom alive and thriving within you that sneaks through the barriers of your rational mind every now and then.

But ... what if this part of you didn’t have to sneak around? What if you invited this wise part of yourself to speak to you instead?

That’s what this form of dream interpretation is all about. It’s a conscious means of inviting your inner wisdom to speak to you.

Spiritual dream exploration is based on the idea that you have an incredible reservoir of awareness within you that knows what you need to do to lead the most fulfilling life possible. And since one of the strongest channels through which this powerful, wise part of yourself communicates with you is your dreams, exploring your dreams in a meaningful manner allows you to tap into your soul’s guidance on a regular basis.

ImageHow Does This Dream Interpretation Work?

Instead of analyzing dreams the way a dream dictionary does or many other forms of dream interpretation do, this type of dream interpretation assists you in understanding dreams and their meaning intuitively.

It invites you to explore all your dreaming and waking experiences as reflections of growing parts of yourself.

In other words, when you use this kind of dream interpretation, you learn to feel the bespectacled frogs and hairy lampshades from your dreams (along with the broken appliances and friendly hummingbirds from your waking life) as parts of yourself. You ask them questions like: “How do you feel? What part of me are you?” And then you listen to your own feelings, your body’s wisdom, and all the deepest rumblings of knowing that you have, to find the answers ... which are often way bigger than you think.

This way of understanding empowers you to comprehend your experience from the inside out.

ImageSeeing Life as a Dream

Besides helping you understand dreams and their meaning, spiritual dream exploration also enables you to explore your waking life as if it were a dream.

Using this tool, you can examine any aspect of your waking experience—any person, creature, tree, or event that appears in your daily life—just as if it were an image you’d concocted during your sleeping hours.

You just do the same thing you’d do when exploring dreams and their meaning. Imagine yourself to be the friend or thunderstorm you’d like to comprehend, embody it, and then ask it questions.

A funny thing happens when you examine your life in this way: you suddenly begin to recognize what role a sick cat, a stalled vehicle, or a kind stranger might be playing in the larger picture of your soul’s journey

Life seems to make more sense and feel more cohesive.

ImageGifts of Spiritual Dream Exploration

Whenever you have a question such as: “Why am I having this nightmare?” or ... “Why is this challenging situation happening in my life?” you can use this kind of dream interpretation to explore the answers.

And because spiritual dream exploration is a strong means of connecting with your deepest inner reservoir of clarity and insight, it has a positive, rippling effect on every area of your life.

In my experience and in the experience of most of the people with whom I’ve worked—the more we’ve practiced using this tool, the stronger and healthier our bodies and hearts have grown, the more meaningful our relationships have become, and the easier our work and finances have gotten.

At the same time, our choices have grown clearer. Grief, despair, anger, and depression have ebbed; forgiveness and compassion have grown.

The struggles in our lives have softened.

Yet I don’t want to paint too glossy a picture here. This kind of dream interpretation does not remove the challenges from your human journey.

What it does do is assist you in navigating your way through your life challenges, guided by your own inner wisdom. And it helps you to see that whatever you are experiencing reflects your heart’s earnest desire to widen, and to move toward the incredible love and grace that live within you.

In other words, spiritual dream exploration supports you in meeting your life as the wise being that you are ... and removing any obstacles in your life that are currently blocking you from experiencing the infinite possibilities that lie before you.

It would be my great joy to share this gift with you.

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