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Love, Canyon: A Journey Beyond the Autism Label is a book very close to my heart, that I co-authored with my son Canyon–a bright young man diagnosed with autism. Within its pages, Canyon offers glimpses into his soft and intricate inner universe, through his essays and short stories, while I tell the tale of our unfolding life journey, and all the challenges and gifts we’ve experienced along the way.

REVIEWS for Love, Canyon: A Journey Beyond the Autism Label

"Love, Canyon: A Journey Beyond the Autism Label contains a beautiful and poignant portrayal of the rich inner life of a young man with autism, the gifts he brings to the world, the challenges he experiences, and his mother’s commitment to supporting his journey to adulthood with love, dignity, and acceptance. It is a tribute to and celebration of neurodiversity, and is recommended reading for professionals, family members, and autistic individuals alike.”
—Carol Curtin, PhD, Associate Professor of Family Medicine & Community Health @ University of Massachusetts Medical School

"Love, Canyon is a book about autism from the perspective of great love and respect for Canyon. Canyon’s own words are a beautiful insight into the unique way his mind works. Written from a more spiritual perspective than most books of its type ... and very refreshing.”
—Vikie Shanks, author of Unravelled, TED speaker, mentor, and mother of 7 (6 with autism)

"Words to fill the soul! Love, Canyon: A Journey Beyond the Autism Label is a worthy read for anyone interested in living from a place of purpose. Canyon dares to be wholly himself in a society that values uniformity. He is patient, kind, sensitive and creative, and challenges those around him to live with meaning. Together, Ana Lora and Canyon look beyond the limitations model of autism to reflect on self-discovery, family love, and the rewards that come when we allow one another to be our authentic selves. The reader walks away with a sense of humanity, compassion, and hope."
—Jenny Palmiotto, Psy. D., founder of Love & Autism


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Your Dreams: Spiritual Messages in Pajamas answers many questions about the vibrant role dreams can play in our lives, and what we can do to remember them more easily. Complete with tools that fully engage our hearts, bodies, and souls, it shows us how to understand our dreams at a profound level. At the same time, it provides “waking dream” tools that allow both those of us who don’t remember our dreams, and those of us who would just like a new method for accessing our own inner wisdom, to explore our everyday experiences as waking dreams.


Reviews for Your Dreams: Spiritual Messages in Pajamas

“Ana Lora has a way of making deep things understandable.”
—Tony Crisp, author of Dream Dictionary


“I have used Ana Lora’s techniques for many years in my psychotherapy practice. They are fun, exciting … always enlightening. I recommend Your Dreams to anyone interested in knowing themselves and having a good time doing it.”
— Lesley Meriwether, RN, MFT


“In Your Dreams: Spiritual Messages in Pajamas, Ana Lora Garrard provides a warm, inviting and supportive framework for self-guided dream analysis. As a former men's group participant, I believe that this book is ideal for men who desire a deeper, richer connection with Self.”
—Michael McCoy, Owner of Hidden Cove Photography


An Invitation to Dream by Ana Lora Garrard (Llewellyn 1993)


This older book is no longer in print, but can be found at and many secondhand bookstores. Fully illustrated with pictures derived from Ana Lora’s own dreams, this guide to comprehending dreams provides answers to some general questions about the nature of dreams, tips on how to recall them, and a huge variety of creative writing, art, and movement exercises for investigating their messages.