ImageDream Guidance Sessions

In the private phone sessions I offer, I help you to understand what a dream or waking life event means to you in the broadest sense possible. Using a gentle, intuitive approach, I show you how to tap into your own wisdom, so that you can move from a place of uncertainty to an ever-widening appreciation of the lessons before you.

These sessions are very much like a cross between a traditional counseling session and a clairvoyant reading or healing. Not only do they help you understand a single dream or waking life event, they also support you in seeing the bigger picture—the ways in which a single dream or event reflects some larger aspect of your human/spiritual journey.

Some of the most common rewards of these kinds of sessions that I’ve had the privilege of witnessing include:

*stronger recognition of who you are.

*realizations regarding the kinds of life choices you find the most thrilling.

*insights into soothing emotional wounds.

*healing for your body, home, and financial situation.

*profound breakthroughs in all your relationships.

*a deepening connection to your own soul.



"As a healing professional who has experienced Ana Lora's work, I recognize a practitioner who doesn't just use some tools she has learned to do a job. Ana Lora IS her work. You can feel her mind, body, heart and soul in each moment she devotes to you."
—Jason Miller, Arcata


"I really like how Ana Lora works–intuitively and from the heart. You put yourself in the place of the other characters in the dream and see what they have to teach you. Stuff comes up that you would never expect. Wisdom does come up when you allow it to."
—L. Birdsall, student of life/entrepreneur


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