When you attend a workshop, you choose either a dream or event(s) from your waking life that you wish to explore.


During the workshop, we start out by talking about the interlacing of our lives, dreams, and spiritual journeys. Why do we dream, anyway? Why is this an inherent part of being human? What is revealed in dreams? How do we begin to absorb their messages? And how can exploring our waking lives as if they were dreams be of benefit to us?


Following that discussion, I introduce tools for understanding all your experience, both dreaming and waking, at a deep level. You get to practice using these tools with my guidance–expanding your ability to tap into your own soul’s wisdom for information. Although each tool is based either in simple meditation, freeform writing, movement, or artwork, no particular skills or experience are needed to use any of them. Every workshop is conducted in a safe and compassionate atmosphere where gentle self-exploration is fostered.


In the thirty plus years I’ve taught this kind of approach, I’ve repeatedly seen people access inner knowledge they didn’t know they had, and gain amazing insights into everything from healing their hearts and bodies, to improving their relationship, home, and work situations. At the same time, they’ve been able to see how their own unfolding life circumstances are playing into their soul’s journeys. This is transformative work and I am excited to share it with you.



"I really like that Ana Lora goes with the flow and does what people would like to do, rather than sticking to a program ... and that she is introducing new things all the time."
—Barbara Rohr, mother and artist/architect


"This process has been extremely helpful for me! I have used it for many situations and have passed on techniques to friends and clients. I am grateful to be able to continue using this process in my life."
—Terra Pearson, Holistic Bodyworker


"I enjoyed the class so much—it was inspiring. The dialoguing questions were very insightful. "
—Beth Cline

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